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Sorry to take up space with a fairly simple question, but this seemed to be to only place to post this.

How in the heck do I change my User Name? I discovered my UN is too close to an already taken one, and I dont want to be saddled with any previous AI karma this person might have acquired. I've tried creating a new account, but my email address conflicts (obviously), and changing it in my profile setup is forbidden.

Again, sorry to take up space with an apparent 'newbie' question, but I've recently been browsing the GB and SW areas (I'm usually a FH lurker, but don't post because not super-technical or prone to rants) and *surprise* I actually have alot of knowledge to contribute.

Thanks. G


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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    ask that Jonathan.

    but ask him per email or PIM, yes.
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    709709 Posts: 2,016member
    Thanx D, I'll try that.
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    709709 Posts: 2,016member
    Wow! Thanx Jonathan! That was fast!
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    Originally Posted by 709 View Post

    Wow! Thanx Jonathan! That was fast!

    could you pass along the info on changing the username on my iPhone? I bought one from a friend who didn't like the keyboard, and everything switched over ok except the name on the phone - not a big deal i guess, i just don't like being called whitney...
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