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I was just thinknig - after starting a thread about something discussed in another thread (which I didn't check) already - could it be possible to somehow filter the topics of each thread and make sort-of-a-preview? I think many unneccesary threads (like mine) could be prevented this way. It's just that not many have the time to check all threads whether the thing they want to post about was mentioned already by someone..

Could this be made with a "sub-title" for each post? Like thread title is "IBM's new chip foundry" and if someone posts a post with "Cell" as the sub-title that's listed beneath the thread link as "thread keywords"?


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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    Sounds rather complicated, I doubt if UBB or vBulletin support it <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />

    You could try the <a href=""; target="_blank">search</a> facility which allows you to search by message or subject content.

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    Sounds like you want some sort of intelligent indexing system; neither UBB nor any other board that I know of supports such a facility.

    However, with vBulletin, it is possible to title individual posts in a thread- this might help...
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    xypexype Posts: 672member
    [quote]Originally posted by Jonathan:

    <strong>However, with vBulletin, it is possible to title individual posts in a thread- this might help...</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yeah, if people have to title individual posts you could, for example, use these titles for keywords and list them in the thread subject (maybe ALT tag?).

    Anyhow I don't know whether locking/moving threads is taking up a lot of mod time - it was just an idea to (maybe) make the posting cleaner..

    I know of the Search function, it's just that with longer (3+ pages) threads one can lose the overview a bit..

    How about ignoring people? Could that be easily implemented?
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