WARNING: Do Not Use Decluttr.com

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WARNING: Do Not Use Decluttr.com!!!

I am warning all of you against an absolutely atrocious company--never do business with them!

There are a variety of companies online that will buy your old tech gear (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc). One of these is one called Decluttr. In mid-March, I got a quote from Decluttr to sell an old iPad Pro of mine. I sent it to them a couple of weeks later. When they received it, they messaged me that my iPad Pro was "not authentic" or does not have a "US specification". This is absolute bullshit! My iPad Pro was bought new directly from T-Mobile here in the US. When I contacted Decluttr about this, it became quite obvious what was going on. They had offered me a high price quote for my iPad Pro and they no longer wanted to pay top dollar for it. They sent my iPad Pro back to me but neglected to send the original Apple iPad Pro box that I had sent my iPad Pro in to them. Even worse, they did not send me back the original Apple charger & cable that I had sent them. When I contacted them about this, they never responded.

These assholes are absolute thieves. Do not use them. Use Gazelle.com instead. I have used them many times before and, in fact, send them the above mentioned iPad Pro after it was returned to me. And, what do you know, they actually paid me for it!

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