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Here's the deal: sometimes, I think a thread (esp. future hardware) has become so long that I cannot decently read it online, i.e. I'd rather download it in one file and then go offline to read it through (all 13 pages of it). The thing is, a thread grows, and maybe you haven't paid attention to it yet, or you lost it out of sight a day or two, and bang, bejesus, 5 pages worth of posts, so you give up, and decide the knowledge contained within will never be yours.

Therefore, I thought it'd be nice if you made it possible to download a topic (why not a txt, or a stuffed/tarballed html)?

I mean, I'm not a bulletin board programmer, but I do think the html pages we, members, download are generated on the fly no? with the help of some database and one or other script (is it perl you use?).

Couldn't you create a button that activates a script allowing you to do what I said? I know it can't be that difficult (I have done similar things - albeit not on this scale), although it might put a bit of strain on the server, but hey, so does downloading all that html, right?

Now, I think Brad's your wizard (am I wrong?), so I should ask you if you know what I mean, and if you think it feasible.

Don't dismiss it, this is something I've really felt would be plus.

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    In vBulletin, there is a "show printable version" link on thread pages. From there, you can also choose "Show all ## posts from this thread on one page" which will give you *everything* on the page like you are asking.
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    [quote] Now, I think Brad's your wizard <hr></blockquote>

    that is a nice way of putting it.....i would think something more like, "Now, I think Brad is Jonathan's Witch" (or something that rhymes with witch.... ).....sorry, couldn't help myself....just something about that quote brought out the worst in me......"the soon to be banned for a week" g

    is it just me, or does it also plant in your head a vision of the countless hours our dear brad most likely spent in the basement playing D & D?

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    All right, I think that'll do. Thanks for answering.
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