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Where does one go to ask a programming question. Non of the current forums seem to be applicable. Thanks for the help.


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    Genius Bar would probably work. If it's specific to OS X you might be able to get away with posting it in the OS X forum.
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    Typically if you are asking a question to which you do not know the answer, and within a 'help me' context, it should go in the Genius Bar. However, if your question is specific to a piece of software (such as FileMaker, Director, Cold Fusion) you can get away with placing it in Software. As mentioned before, if the programming questions is specifically about something related to OS X, drop it in the Mac OS X forum.

    Based on the amount of programming questions that are posted, there are no plans to create a forum specifically for such questions in the future.
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    Actually I think there should be a programming forum-if there was one I thnkk it woould be used.Most programming questions go unanswered,or answered poorly.There are some serious programmers who hang out here.
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