Suggestions for Fireside Chat liberals:

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Fireside Chat has been overrun with conservative-leaning topics such as foreign policy and religion for some time now. Conservatives here are doing what they're now best at- getting their voice out on issues and echoing them across a multitude of mediums. The problem here for liberals is that our voice on our issues is drowned out. Let's increase posting about societal issues such as employment issues, health-care, education, gun-control, or let's post more topics about our own foreign policy or religious views. A quick look at the first page of Fireside Chat shows that conservatives are clearly the winning the aforementioned battle.

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    Sorry, but this is like the real world, man.

    We aren't going to tell the majority to quiet down so the minority can take a bigger piece of the pie. If you want your issues to be heard, either speak louder (that is, make a better argument) or get more friends and people on your side to support you.
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    That's actually what my point is (It's addressed to liberals so we=liberals)


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    Well, seeing as the Suggestions forum is

    [quote]For use in presenting us with feedback on AppleInsider.<hr></blockquote>and [quote]for presenting feedback on AppleInsider to the staff<hr></blockquote>

    as described by the front page and the posting guidelines, I don't think this is the place to rally support for your cause. This thread does not belong here.

    Moving to Fireside Chat.
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