Series 4 Watch Won't Play Podcasts That are Synced For More than a 5-10 Minutes

in Apple Watch
Hi everyone.  As the title suggests, I have an Apple Watch 4 (wifi-no cellular) and an iPhone 11 Pro Max.  I run or walk every morning and enjoy listening to podcasts.  With summer weather here, I don't want to have to carry my iPhone with me since I don't have pockets it fits in.  I have synched podcasts to my watch and I will start out on my exercise and my podcast will play for about 5-10 minutes or so and then stop and can't continue because it wants to find my iPhone or wifi to use.  I was under the impression that once I synced a podcast to my watch, I could use the watch without my iPhone with me.  Is this true?  If so, then why will my podcasts stop playing?  I have tried using both Apple's podcast app and Overcast and get similar results.  Also, with Overcast, it tends to only sync parts of shows.  I'm quite confused about this and would just like to be able to listen to podcasts from my watch when I exercise without being encumbered by a phone.  Thanks for any help or suggestions.  
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