Sorry, don't know where else to post this...

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Sorry, UBB has encountered an unexpected, fatal error. This error is extremely abnormal. Please contact the board administration. The error text is:

/usr/local/www/aiforums/docroot/ubb/cache-ZLGVZVDR/search_index/daily_index-2452607-main.cgi: Expected to write out 3969 bytes, but file on disk is only !]

Here is the backtrace:

Backtrace: ubb_lib_filehandle.cgi:178 -> sub UBB::FileHandle::tracer

Backtrace: ubb_lib_filehandler.cgi:132 -> sub UBB::FileHandle::close

Backtrace: ubb_lib_files.cgi:411 -> sub UBB::FileHandler::close

Backtrace: ubb_lib_posting.cgi:1128 -> sub main::WriteHashToFile

Backtrace: ubb_new_reply.cgi:534 -> sub main::append_index

Backtrace: ultimatebb.cgi:696 -> sub main::submit_new_reply

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    Aye, this is the right place for forum bugs.

    I'll do some maintenance on UBB later tonight.
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    There have been other threads about this if you look down in the list.

    $10 bucks says Brad claims that it is because UBB is a piece of shit.

    And no, I don't disagree with him.
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    Okay so we posted at the same time.

    BTW nice FYI page w/the music Brad.
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