AppleInsider Feed on Feedly

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I follow AppleInsider on Feedly. For the past week or so, the feed contents have started showing up as raw HTML, instead of as rendered content. It makes the feed mostly unreadable. Pretty sure nothing has changed on Feedly, so suspect it's the RSS feed.

Alleged benchmark test results for an unreleased <a href="">2020 iMac</a> with a currently nonexistent Intel Comet Lake chip have surfaced on Geekbench.<div align="center"><img src="" alt="Credit: Apple" height="449" /><span class="minor2 small gray">Credit: Apple</span></div>Although Apple announced a massive transition to <a href="">Apple Silicon</a> in its Macs at WWDC, it didn't reveal any new consumer-facing hardware. That's despite <a href="">rumors</a> that it would.<br><br> <a href="">Read more...</a>


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