Keynote App - How to select the language used when writing text

in iPad
I am having problems using the Spelling Check feature in Keynote as I’m bilingual and make presentations either in English or Spanish, and I sometimes even mix both languages within the same presentation.

Right now I am working on a Spanish presentation (on my iPad Pro) and Keynote thinks everything it’s written in English and thus marks most words as misspelled.

I looked everywhere on how to change the language from English to Spanish, from changing the language of the whole presentation to changing the language of a single text box, but can’t find how to do either. I understand that Keynote (and other Apps) recognizes the language automatically, but evidently is not doing so, as I already have several slides in Spanish and the Spelling of all slides is being checked in English and marked as misspelled.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone has a clue on how to fix this, as it is making me take more time than I should to finish the presentation.

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