assistance with migrating 2011 iMac with 2 hard drives to 2020 iMac

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I have a 2011 iMac that came with both a smaller SDD and a larger HDD (And this was before Fusion Drive was a thing). Back when it was new, a friend who knows way more about macs than i do helped me set it up. He made it so my applications (and I assume OS) were installed on the SSD, but all the data for them automatically went to the Home folder he moved to the HDD. I have been backing it up to my Apple Time Capsule without issue since then (I assume)

My 2020 iMac is here, and i turned it on and it is now searching the Time Capsule for items to bring over. I noticed going through the screens, after selecting the iMac back up, it specifically made me chose "Macintosh SSD" and did not give me the choice to include the HDD with my Home folder. On the next screen "select information to Transfer" it shows my name, the little icon pic that goes with it when I log in, with a "0KB" size and a message under it that says "this users home is relocated and will not be copied".

To note, on 2011 I have Time Machine set up to not exclude anything when backing up. Looking at the estimated size of full back up, it is 686GB so it seems to have been backing up the whole computer (SSD and HDD). Looking at the set up for the 2020 i do not see the data adding up to that much (42GB for apps, 0KB next to my name with that message about home being relocated, 2.24GB for other files and folders, 28kb for computer & network settings). Now that its done searching as I type this the total is 44.91GB to transfer. Does not seem right at all.

Any advice from the experts here would be greatly appreciated.
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