How is iOS configured on iPhones sold in China?

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I think I've read, probably here on AppleInsider, that some apps like FaceTime and iMessages are prohibited in China. The reason is clear, because China objects to secure apps. It's their country, so they have the right to ban secure apps. But how does that affect iOS installations on devices sold in China? For example, does that mean that FaceTime is not even a visible app on Apple's devices sold in China, or does the app simply not function? Does anyone have a list of all the apps and services that don't work? I'm unsure if there's even an iCloud service for users of iOS devices in China. That would sure affect a lot of apps, since many apps on iOS can use iCloud for storing some data. And most interestingly, does the Secure Element in iOS devices work at all. The Secure Element stores lots of things in iOS like your fingerprint for starters. Does this work in China? Is the Secure Element fully or partly functional? If the government of China finds or confiscates someone's iPhone, can they obtain access to its contents and keys even without your fingerprint? If I travel to China as a tourist and carry my iPhone with me, which does support iMessages, will I be able to use that app in China? The questions are just flowing out and I have no idea what the answers are. I did find this article but it's rather vague. It points to a special legal agreement but that doesn't really explain anything about iOS. 

While I write this I'm googling some of these issues. It appears FaceTime audio doesn't work but FaceTime video works. I presume FaceTime video isn't encrypted but audio is. Another difference is that in China WIFI doesn't work for most of China but WLAN does. I'm trying to research what WLAN is but I'm not having much success. I'm wondering why China generally restricts WIFI, (except in tourist traps?)... is it too secure? I guess I'm veering off the original intent of my question, but it would also be nice to know about WIFI in China and about which websites are restricted in China. Most Google features like Web Search, Google Earth, and a wide variety of things (FaceTime, Instragram, Twitter) are blocked. I presume China wants control over everyone's access. And I'm not objecting to compliance with China's laws, but at a minimum I'd like to see a list of the things China is blocking. I'm just trying to understand. What's wrong with knowledge?
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