2020 iMac 27" - Grey Screen

in Current Mac Hardware

Anyone else having intermittent issues with the new 27" iMac?

I have the 27" iMac 2020, with the upgraded i9 - 10 core processor, standard graphics card, memory, and upgraded 1TB HD.

Twice in the last week, while working in various applications, the computer screen turned DARK GREY and the keyboard and mouse were unresponsive. The computer remained up (I was on zoom call and the last word kept repeating over and over and over and over again. The only way to fix was to turn it off using the power button and turn it back on.

Apple support has been unable to identify the issue and the only suggestion was to remove all the software and start over. Adding each application one by one then using the computer for a number of weeks to see if we can isolate which application is causing the issue.

Since this has happened twice, and I was doing different activities with different software, I'm suspicious of this solution.

I think it's a graphics card issue? Anyone else experiencing this problem? Find a solution?

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