Ideas for website changes

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About 80% of my ideas go nowhere, like this one will, but that doesn't stop me from suggesting them.

AppleInsider could provide a web page or site that provides rumour-free, speculation-free, comment-free information for people who don't want spoilers or speculation. It would be a "news, guides and reviews only" version of your site. Often "news" contains predictions so that may have to be filtered.

And for those of us who do like speculation, I'd like to see a "big picture" page that summarizes all future offerings from Apple on a single page with vague arrival estimates like "estimated 1Q2021." This would be a lot easier than my idea above, and wouldn't need frequent updating. So this idea might be a winner.

P.S. Whenever I start a discussion an error appears on the top of the page saying: parsererror (SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token '<') (I'm using Safari on macOS.)
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