Disney brings soundtracks, radio stations, and playlists to Apple Music

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You can now listen to your favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars songs on a special Apple Music channel.

On October 9, Disney Music Group has landed on a special Apple Music channel. Hosted on the channel is classic soundtracks, new radio stations, and over 30 playlists, spanning Disney animated and live-action features, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and more.

Disney's curated landing page gives listeners an easy way to listen to all their favorites. Current playlists include a playlist featuring Disney instrumental music, a Disney workout playlist, a Disney Sing-Along collection, among others.

Disney Halloween is also currently highlighted, packed with spooky songs from Disney's collection.

The launch also includes a Disney Hits Radio on the Apple Music Hits radio station. The radio show celebrates nearly 80 years of Disney, highlighting music from the Disney Hits playlist.

Also included will be exclusive interviews with Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, and Tony award-winning composer Alan Menkin, Grammy Award-winner Christina Aguilera, and many of the musical voices behind your favorite Disney characters.

On October 5, Disney enabled 4K HDR content for iTunes purchases, a move which automatically upgraded any existing HD purchase to 4K for free.


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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    I know out-of-touch people will mock this but this is HUGE. Great move by Apple and Disney!
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    How does one find this curated Disney landing page on Apple Music without the link posted in the article? Naturally, searching for Disney within the Apple Music App brings up many hits.

    Is there a way to search for specific landing pages such as this?
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    Disney needs to even more aggressively branch out from their theme parks, if they hadn’t invested in their digital platform (Disney+) they’d be dead in the water right now.
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    Disney needs to even more aggressively branch out from their theme parks, if they hadn’t invested in their digital platform (Disney+) they’d be dead in the water right now.
    Genius. With any luck, Bob Chapek will see your note, have a Eureka Moment, and shout out "Now why didn't I think of that?!"
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    How is this new? I've been able to find the Disney curater page for a while just by searching for Disney in the music app and selecting curaters in the search results. Is this just an update of that page?

    But I second the need for an easier way to find a list of curaters. There used to be a way to browse them all, but I think they got rid of that in iOS13. Wish they'd bring that back. It was fun to just flip through them. It reminded me of flipping through friend's burned CD mixes back in high school and trying to make mine better. lol
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    Technically, this isn't new, but a re-theming of their Apple Music curator page. Disney has had a curator page for a number of years. It was previously called Disney Music. Now it's simply called "Disney" however, you can still find the page by searching for Disney Music. This updated look also eliminates many of their previous playlists for a streamlined feel. For example they used to have playlists based on each land in both Disneyland Park and the Magic Kingdom, but now all theme parks are represented in just playlist. It's a shame to loose so much, but hopefully this new destination will be filled out over time.
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