HK Automation Based on Who Unlocks Door

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I'm seeking to invest in improved home automation capabilities, particularly around home security. I am leaning towards the Honeywell Lyric as the underlying alarm, but unfortunately their Total Connect 2.0 automation is limited and I don't really want a third party to have access to interior cameras. 

I have a Schlage deadbolt integrated with HomeKit already, but I'm open to changing the lock if needed. What I am seeking is to drive automations based on a particular code being used to unlock the deadbolt. I can set user specific codes in the Schlage app, but don't see that come across in the Home app. I haven't been able to find out if this is a lock limitation or a limitation of HomeKit. I need this to be driven off the lock codes so I'm not reliant on the other person having an Apple device. 

Is there anyway for this to be possible? 
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