Anyone found a way to delete Chess?

in Genius Bar
It has a new Icon in Catalina but still no way to delete it.


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    It's a 6 MB application.  Any reason you want it gone?  Have you had some traumatic Chess-related experiences that you need to talk about, or is this because you don't want employees playing Chess?
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    Well, it's an in-built software-on Mac. Current mac policy prohibits removal of any such programs, be it Chess or Safari. If you remove it, you will have troubles getting it back, most likely until the next major system update. On the other hand, if you remove an in-built app, the next major system update is going to restore it.
    Here is more info and a tutorial.
    To remove Chess, you need to disable System Integrity Protection, and run a removal command. Both actions are to be made in Terminal.

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