Sending a request for a FaceTime call, instead of calling.

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Help me decide of this is a silly over-thought introvert anti-social thing, or a useful feature…

Problem: I prefer FaceTime (video) calls for things that aren't serious enough for a whole email, but might be a bit too much for a text; but I always find that people either aren't ready to answer, or, if I first send a text asking about it, end up in like a forever-loop the same as booking a serious meeting.

Suggested solution: Instead of calling there's a "FaceTime requested"-feature, where the callee can accept, deny, or delay (set a timer for a couple of minutes when the person will be ready).

It's sort of a "are you free for a call?"-message, but with the UIX really focusing on giving a different feel; making it something more instant, by pretty much taking the usual receiving-a-call interface, but removing that feel of urgency of someone on the other side expecting instant engagement (with a "deny" always making people feel like they need to justify it later).



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    crowleycrowley Posts: 10,453member
    Not a bad idea, I think probably the better way to do it would be to allow sending an invite to a scheduled Facetime call, a bit like how Zoom or MS Teams work, but would function primarily through iMessage.

    Having the phone ring seems pretty archaic at times, and it was always a very intrusive way to communicate.
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