Installing 10.2 over 10.1 query...

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Hello esteemed Geniusi,

I have a friend who has 10.1 installed...but he wants to install 10.2.

When he tries, the installation will go right to the end and then hang with a circle with a diagonal slash through it.

Is this because he's lacking a firmware update?

He's on a G3 iMac with 600mhz and 256 megs of ram methinks...

Speaking of updating 10.1 to 10.2. My wife's iBook is currently on 10.1.4 (ibook, 384 megs of ram...) and it's dual boot 9 and 10.1.4. I have a 'x for teachers' Jag' disc. I'm backing up everything.

In the Jag' book, it says nothing about updating 10.1 to 10.2 in the installation help. Do I just put 10.2 in and follow the on-screen instructions?

I think I'd like to keep 9. I'm assuming 9 and x are both on the same partition?

Will 10.2 install over the top and keep 9 and x files safe?

Appreciate any help you can give.

Lemon Bon Bon


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    With a machine that old, my first guess would be that yes, you should check for a firmware update. With going to 10.2, many people have said that it is best to do a clean install, and I also recommend it. Whether or not you can do a clean install with those CD's I'm not sure. I really am not sure if the X for Teachers discs are full or upgrade CDs. I would guess that they are full install discs. Do you have a OS 9 install CD? Because the best way to do it is to (what I think it sounds like would be best in this case) wipe the hard drive clean (you said you were backing everything up right?), install OS 9, and then install 10.2 right on top of it. This way you will have a clean, out-of-the-box style Jag install. Putting them on the same partition, Jag on top of 9, is probably the best and easiest way to have Jag, with classic, and OS 9 installed.
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