NEED HELP! Which monitor would you pick?

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Hi all, wife took over my old thunderbolt monitor so now I have to get a new one. Which one of these would you pick and why? (or if you have other suggestions)

I'm thinking maybe the monitor could eventually be used for PS5 gaming (when I get it) but it's not a must, the monitor is primarily still for work hooking up to my 16" MBP. I know those 2 are very different (ultra wide VS none) so curious to see what people think, I've never used Ultrawide before and the last monitor experience was some 24" crappy Samsung that I bought and returned to get the thunderbolt instead, because the picture was just so much clearer on the TB.

Thanks! : )


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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,202member
    Which every has the closest pixel density to the MacBook, because you will sure notice it if they are different. 
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    iMiiMi Posts: 6member
    I wouldn’t pick either. It’s not that either is a bad monitor, but because I think there are better options out there in the 32-34 inch space. I would also stay at 27” max with the 4K resolution. I found that anything beyond that starts to look insufficiently pixel dense. I had the 16” MacBook Pro and a Samsung 4K 27” monitor and the combo worked fine, although the brightness was noticeably lower on the Samsung. Eventually I upgraded to the 5K UltraFine. I now use it with the new Mini. 

    If you must go with 32 or larger and want something that will also provide good entertainment hub service, along with a PS5, then maybe consider the new Samsung M7. Well priced, connected (smart) display with some competing features. But it only provides 65W via USB-C, which will most likely keep your MacBook Pro tapped off while doing less intensive tasks but will require you to use the power adapter if you plan on pushing it beyond that. Dell also has some high quality 4K panels. If I were to go with one of the units you selected, it would be the LG. I have a 32” curved gaming monitor for the PC rig I’ve build and don’t really care for the curve, but that’s a personal choice. I wouldn’t buy one again. 
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    Personally, i could like to pick up the LG option, since it is 4K and the picture may be clearer.
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    If you want no curve I would go with

    I have the 4k, which I'm quite happy with; but I did end up in a weird limbo between feeling that it's good enough that I don't need the planned extra displays, and that I could use a bit of extra space. So the 5k would have been just right.
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    I had an LG 34UC87 curved 3440x1440 monitor a while back and I always found the vertical height lacking even at 34". A 32" 4K is the sweet spot, but I've been hoping for a 5K @ 5120x2880 that's 32" or better, but only have found 5120x2160 monitors like the MSI PRESTIGE PS341WU or LG 34WK95U-W. I prefer the latter, but may actually hold out for a recently announced for CES, Dell 40" U4021QW due out at the end of the month. It's slightly curved at the same 5120x2160 res, and very pricey at $2099, but it might be what I may end up buying. Small curved monitors seem ridiculous, but at larger monitors 32" and larger with slight curvature is not really noticeable and actually more comfortable to work with.
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