Macbook Pro M1 and Samsung T7 touch 2TB : 32MB/s instead of 960MB/s

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Hi All,
I clearly understand that there is currently a hit on the transfer rate between the Intel and M1 but my problem with the T7 touch is beyond what was discovered by others.
I have 2  T7 touch 2TB which were purchased last week from B&H. They post  900MB/s with the Blackmagic Disk speed tool on the MacBook Pro 15" 2017 that I have.  On the new M1 MacBook Pro, I am only getting around 32MB/s!!!!! (read/write). I also have a couple of G-Drive mobile SSD with a 480MB/s on the MacBook Pro 15" intel and 380 on teh M1 which is in line with what is observed.

I haven't found any firmware update on Samsung website for the T7 touch.

Anybody with such an issue with the T7 touch 2TB (getting the speed of USB2!).

Any help appreciated
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