Dock5 from Satechi will charge up to five devices via Qi, USB-A, and USB-C

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During the first day of CES 2021, Satechi launched its latest charging solution -- the Dock5. This multi-device charger organizes your gear while keeping it charged via multiple USB ports and an additional Qi charging pad.

Satechi Dock5 multi-charger
Satechi Dock5 multi-charger

Dock5 is a compact charging solution for your home or office. Atop the base is a 10W Qi charging pad for your headphones, phone, or other Qi-enabled devices.

Four vertical slots allow for storage of multiple phones or tablets while charging. There are four USB ports to complement each of the silicone storage slots.

Two USB-A ports are capable of 12W of power delivery each, and two USB-C ports are capable of another 20W of power each. The storage slots are wide enough to fit a variety of phones and tabets, including those with cases.

It is available now for $59.99 through Satechi's website.

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    Bit of a mislead in the title. It is a specific combination of 5 device charging methods. Will charge up to 1 device with Qi and 2 additional each with USB-A/USB-C would have been more clear.

    Really it's a min-folder rack, a 4 port USB power hub (2xA + 2xC), and a single Qi pad. Doesn't even come with the 6 and 8-inch cables depicted "Charging cables sold separately."

    Not a good value in my book. 
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