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Has anybody done this in OS X? It's my understanding that Audion can do it natively. I played around with it a bit but haven't tried it yet. I'm trying to set myself up as a DJ just for fun, and I would be using somebody else's Shoutcast server.

Any experiences, thoughts about this?


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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Hmm, Shoutcast's FAQ states that there's currently no broadcasting solution for the Mac platform in any guise: Audion can decode incoming MP3 streams, but so does iTunes. I can't see anything on the Audion site suggesting it can stream either.

    You can listen, but you can't play, unless there's a PC in the chain somewhere, and I keep having interesting ideas to get that to work, which I just haven't got the time to pursue just now...
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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    Panic seems to think differently than Shoutcast does. Audion 3 can apparently stream to a Shoutcast server. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like:

    Audion Screenshot

    Notice it says right in that panel that you're streaming to a Shoutcast server. it leaves the server part up to you, whether you run the Shoutcast server on your Mac using this perhaps, or whether you connect to a remote Shoutcast server.

    But I'm new to this too, which is why I was asking the questions... if I'm wrong about any of this, please correct me.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Hmm, very interesting.

    When I've got some time to play around (not least punching holes in my firewall), I'll see if I can get it to work.
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    If you guys wanna start your own ShoutCAST server and run your own station please refer to my thread here.
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