A2115 screen replacement help

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2021
Hello I have a 2019 imac - a2115

I managed to upgrade the cpu and nvme drive but noticed the mic seemed muted after the upgrade.

I assume this was due to accidentally covering the mic with adhesive. Unfortunately I rushed trying to take the screen off to remedy this and destroyed it.

My question is for a replacement screen can I only use this model screen - lm270qq1 sde1. I have read you can use the c1 and d1 models. Do you know if this is true and if so what is actually different about them?

I’ve damaged two other things when removing the screen and am missing a screw for area where the screen attaches at the bottom (near mic) see attached picture with circled items. Any idea what these item parts/screw size is and where I can get them?

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