Since Full Python can now be installed on M1 (macOS, does that mean it can be installed on A14 (iOs)

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I have been following the Python problem on iOS and now iPadOS. Techradar announced Dec 2020 that there is a Python installation for M1 architecture ( Does that mean we will be able to get an installation on A14 (also 64-bit ARM) on iOS? Please do not mention Pythonista et. al. which are not full-fledged Python platforms.

I would have to buy a new iPad to get A14, but would never do that if I can't put my 10,000 line Python program on it. I am working on Speech Recognition. While you can install the SpeechRecogntion package, which is native Python, you cannot install PyAudio on any iOS or iPadOS. This is a critical piece of the puzzle. Without this you cannot use the variable length listening capability. Because of that there is no more ability than on a Raspberry Pi, where I have already installed the program with fixed-length pauses for listening.

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