ARGENA V3 Annoncement

in macOS edited January 2014

I'm very proud to announce ARGENA V3.0, available for download from our web


This new version benefits of a totally new interface, allowing Drag & Drop

of any objects directly in the Pages, enhanced capabilities, and much more.

ARGENA is the First Web Tool, without any serious competitor for this

title. ARGENA is the first integrated product handling every components of a

Web Site, from Picture Effects to Site Map, from Natural design to WYSIWYG

interface, with incredible graphic capabilities. ARGENA is available for MacOS X & 9.2.

Here is a list of features:

- WYSIWYG Interface and Result

- Multilingual site generation(up to 9 languages)

- Customizable integrated Database

- Graphic Picture Workshop (Effects, Frames, Alpha Channel)

- QuickTime VR generation

- Shopping Cart management in pure Static Mode (No need for ASP)

- FTP capabilities

You will find a screen shot at:

You can download it at :

I hope you will enjoy ARGENA !

Contact me for any questions about it.

Best Regards



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    Err, reeks of spam. What an odd GUI too.

    Anyhow, I'll leave the thread in Software open but am closing this one.
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