The Manifesto

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So here is an article on "the document" that outlines america's goals in the new century. Their manifesto. If you think the iraq war is just to protect us from Usama Bin Laden (a saudi?) then you had better start getting used to this. The Bush plan is to continue starting wars in multiple fronts for the forseeable future.

I'll put good money down the u.s. is actively at war or on the brink come the next u.s. election. Sure would be inconvenient to switch leaders during a war. Im sure dubya could pull some special powers to delay election until a suitable time when there is no iminent threats from abroad. Although his foreign policy will make that an impossibility since revolutionairies (or terrorists in empire-speak) will be lining up to fill u.s. airliners with dynamite and u.s. subways with sarin and probably paint the statue of liberty (built by the french) a gaudy pink.

Too bad about Korea though, they actually have serious weapons and an attitude... unlike Saddam that only has a few dinky missiles and a couple of vials of anthrax (sold to him by the u.s.)... If dubya tries his hard hand with N.K. he may see hollywood slip into the sea when a tactical nuke dropped a few hundred miles off shore sets off a massive earthquake.

Welcome to the age of WAR! No timelines, no start, no finish, no metrics to measure success or failure... just CONTINUOUS WAR.

Long live the Manifesto and the Empire!

p.s. the good news is in a few years u.s. citizens wont have to vote at all since their leader is 'guided by god' why even have elections?


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    You can be pissed by the war, and have constructive arguments. Blattant flamewars are not accepted on those forums
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