New Apple back button OSX mouse

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Apple should make one of these so when you are in the 1st view mode of the system navigation you can go back like you can in a browser

Any thoughts

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    blackcatblackcat Posts: 697member
    Surely any 3rd party mouse can be programmed to do that?
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    o and ao and a Posts: 579member
    i'm pretty sure u can do that with a third party mouse. u can get nice optical multibutton mice from kensington for a measely 30 bucks and when they break they just send u a new one

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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    Sure, just program a button to cmd+[, I have my fifth button ( ) set to that.
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    hotboxdhotboxd Posts: 125member
    not sure why an OEM would apply a feature like this to a mouse they sell. if you want the functionality, buy a 5 button mouse and program it. you can't expect an OEM to supply an obscure feature that only you use.
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