quicktime movie editing - modifying color, tint, etc

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I have a few MUXED Mpegs from a Sony Cybershot. Great stuff... but colors are a bit off. I have QT Pro and adjuested brightness, tint, color, etc. The frame rates have all gone to hell. From 25fps to approx 15 and audio off of sync.

I also tried saving it to a separate file and re-opening it, but still unplayable.

Any ideas? This is really annoying.


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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    You could try demuxing the mpegs, converting the audio portion to mp3 or some other format that Quicktime will import and allow you to cut and add to the video track after demuxing. The audio/video may be off though.... I tried doing this exact thing with some Alias episodes I've recorded that are muxed mpegs, and the audio/video don't sync exactly.
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    daveleedavelee Posts: 245member
    I have this problem with my cybershot too. The colours are too dark using mpeg and when you adjust the colours in QT pro the frames go to pot (and it isn't even like you are doing any real editing). Changing the output NTSC/PAL doesn't work either (I thought that at least NTSC might capture at a higher frame rate).

    I have just exported audio before I start and then basically do what MCQ suggests (turn on 'play all frames' on the drop down menu). Doesn't usually work satisfactorily but if you only have a few minutes or so with a memory card, it is usually good enough.

    I would like to find a proper solution though (without having to fork out a lot of money) so if anyone can add their experiences/opinions...?
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