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I can go to Sonnet's page and order a 800mhz card for a 8600 but can't get more than a 500mhz card from anywhere for my 350 g3 blue and white. Anyone know when they will come out with some better upgrades?

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    marcukmarcuk Posts: 4,442member
    Does anyone actually have an 800/1000mhz upgrade yet? I dont think so..XLR8yourmac havn't even benchmarked them yet, so Id guess there no shipping yet.

    BTW you can get a 550mhz upgrade for your blue&white from
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    Sonnet has the 800mhz available for pre-order to be ready sometime in August. I'd be happy being able to pre-order for my blue and white.
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    I ordered a Sonnet 1GHz card a couple of days ago here in Germany. On the website where I ordered this, it stated 3-7 days delivery time. We'll see.

    Is this technically a Future Hardware topic? Or did I get in before the lock/move?
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    You got in before this got moved.
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