iBook monitor issue

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One of my friends has an iBook 700 10.2.4, he woke it from sleep, and started Entourage when the computer froze. The mouse froze, and everything locked up. He used Cmd cntrl power to try to reboot. No the computer seems to start up normally, that is, you can here all the innards workking, and once it's strated up, you can adjust the volume with the volume keys (hear the clicks and all), the only thing is, the monitor does not come on. Also, using the A/V out cable to a TV does not work either.

Has anybody else had similar troubles? Can anyone help?



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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member

    delete the PRAM.

    [list=1][*]Reboot[*]just after the chime, press 'cmd - alt - p - r' until you hear a chime[*]keep keys pressed, until you hear the chime the fourth time.[/list=1]

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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    Doesn't that reset the NVRAM as well? I thought that holding down cmd+option+p+r for two sets of chimes was enough to reset the PRAM. Definitely worth a try though.

    If it's still in warranty, get to a service centre as soon as possible.
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    unfortunately its not still under warranty, but he brought it in and got it diagnosed. The verdict: dying logic board. Sucks, but whatcha gonna do?
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