bbedit 6.5.3 fried?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
everytime i use tag maker, it doesn't work. i slect the text and it makes it a "caption" the list of tags doesn't come up. if i hit tag maker again the list comes up. is this a problems with 6.5.3 and OS X 10.2.4? a few days ago it would sometimes let the list of tage come up, sometimes it only showed like 5 tags options

i reisstalled bbedit and same thing happened. i hope i don't have to upgrade to 7.0


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    forget it. i got it to work, sort of, but what i really want it to do, bbedit won't do which is BS. what i'm asking it to do should work. i thought this probgram was supposed to be the best. i'm starting to think it sucks big time. VERY DISSAPOINTED IN THIS PRODUCT
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    wait now it seems to be working
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