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Howdy you all. 
I’m getting off the google teet and completing my transformation to the apple side. I already have iphone 11 btw. But I’m moving things from an an 8 year old Samsung galaxy tab,  manly pictures and about a dozen documents. Micro SD card is incompatible with iPad card reader. However as you know theres the gender identification issue in that neither system is compatible with the other. There are plenty of ways to move though. Don’t assume I own a pc, I don’t. I don’t have use for one.

I’m trying to do it the cloud way atm. I’m having a bit of a bother. Using the pcloud app on both devices and one account. Uploading all 4.6 gigs was simple enough but a bit time consuming. But its done. 

Downloading is the problem. Its simple if you do it one photo at a time. It would take a year to complete the task this way. But you can download a file/folder as a zip, go to iPad files app downloads and unzip it. Yep, they’re all there. But that’s where the joyfulness ends. 
Try to move em to photos....not options. Go to the photos app, check out recents, nothing new, imports totally nothing. You’d think they’d be available. 

Am I missing something here or do I need to try something completely different?


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    Get a usbc to sd card slot dongle use files app to download them?
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    asdasdasdasd Posts: 5,653member
    Apple has a file transfer app I think, some of the ISPs have as well. 
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