Two new Adobe-focused books out now...

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I don't know if you guys have seen these yet, but definitely worth a look to anyone interested in design, Adobe software, "behind the scenes" storytelling, etc.

Two different books, but both involving Adobe (saw the first a month or so ago and saw the second one just yesterday):

1. I don't have the EXACT title, but basically it's the story of Adobe. Look in the computer/graphics section at your bookstore. It's softcover, but thick and packed with photos and screenshots of all their software, plus a comprehensive list of each version, killed products (PageMill, anyone?), etc. In addition to that, it's an actual chronological story of how Adobe came to be and TONS of interviews/comments from Warnock, Geische (is that spelled right?), Russel Brown and tons of artists famous for their use of various Adobe products (Ron Chan, Louis Fishauf, Deke McClelland, Bert Monroy). Fascinating stuff!

2. Just saw this one yesterday: Adobe Design Invitational, written by Deke McClelland. Basically, Adobe gathered 7 top digital graphic designers/illustrators and gave them a project (based on what they're known for) using only Adobe software and tricked-out Titanium PowerBooks. Louis Fishauf is one of the artists and it goes through, step-by-step, how he created this cool Illustration with transparency and gradients galore, using only Illustrator. My favorite section, of course. They have a page layout designer do his thing, a photo illustrator, a web designer, etc. It's a REALLY cool book...TONS of photos, screenshots, REALLY detailed info on how they did what they did in each step (LiveMotion and InDesign are highlighted and made to look cool more than any other book I've seen on them).

Lots of cool photos of the 7 artists around a big conference table, with Russel Brown kinda overseeing/organizing everything. They've all got Titanium PowerBooks in front of them, with the little Apple logo glowing white, so it's a pretty nice advertisement for Apple to boot.

Anyway, check them out. Two really interesting, inspiring books!


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