Chirac needs to get something to do with himself

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Chirac in France has no intentions of allowing America and the UK to administer postwar Iraq.

Read the link below.

I am sorry but Chirac is a nothing but an ignorant and hateful devisive drunk.

He needs to lay off the cheese and the wine.

I can accept the "French" position up until now but "Chirac" has crossed the line.

One must separate Chirac from France. I am speaking of Chirac.

His ugly sorry face has no idea the price people are paying to change things in Iraq for the better. Then he has the arrogance to spew more anti-UK and anti-American rhetoric.

This is not about France being against the war. This is about Chirac seeking personal political gain within Europe how so? By division.

Chirac is Hitler... F*ck him

I have heard enough Europeans calling Bush names it is high time Chirac be called the bastard he is.

This is not my normal chosen style to post but Chirac has angered this American.

MSNBC Chirac Link

I don't care if the UN administers Iraq during the transition. I am fed up with the likes of Chirac creating an image that the US and the UK alone are somehow an evil conspiracy not worthy of the job.



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