CompUSA big 6 hour sale

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I don't think the items are that great, but apparently there are lots of people that do.

I just passed a CompUSA and there must be over a hundred people waiting in the rain outside the Moorestown NJ store. The line goes halfway around the Mall.

Everything in the Ad will most likely be sold out by 6:30.

I suspect they are all that way so if there is something you were wanting to get at the CompUSA 6 hour sale, you might want to go now.


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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    DealMac wrote something about in-store discounts on open-box, demo, and clearance Apple hardware, no clue about how true that is though.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    I ordered a 175 (180) GB HDD online from CompUSA, but then I grew paranoid about the deal since the rebates were for a "promotional period" on 3/21. The validity of the rebates also depends on the invoice date, and not the order date, so if the item shipped tomorrow, I would have been screwed. The submission deadline for the rebate is also 4/4/2003, whic isn't a whole lot of time. I could have been screwed by backorders and shipping.

    I canceled the order after sleeping on it.

    When I woke up, I checked the rebates again and they had changed to reflect the 6 hour sale time. I still have the original rebates though if any of you happened to order the drive online. I'd just return it to a retail location and eat the 5 dollar shipping.
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    I went to CompUSA yesterday with one of my cousins so he could buy his new G4. He had ordered the refurb DP 1 GHz from the Apple Store but the 'e-check' he used to buy it didn't go through right so the order got cancelled.

    On the radio, they were advertising 15% off all Macintosh computers. I called the store up (even though you don't talk to the actual store) and the people I spoke with said that it was 15% off all Macs, new or refurbished.

    So we went and he decided to go for it and get the DP 1.42 GHz machine! But when we were going to pay, we were told that the 15% off only applied to the two refurbs/open box returns they had in stock. I complained to the people who were working there but they said that the store wasn't responsible for mistakes like that and that the 'fast talk' at the end of the ads covered them. They said that no one at 'their store' would have made such a bad mistake over the phone either. Obviously they just wanted to get us in the door.

    He still ended up getting the DP 1.42 GHz machine though. He wanted the machine and he wanted it right then. It was down to the DP 1 GHz G4 for $1614 or the DP 1.42 GHz machine for $2699. He thought about it and decided that he wanted the latest and greatest (which really surprised me).

    We went back to his house and set it up. I'm on my PowerBook G4 1 GHz, and I can tell you that I was amazed at it's speed. That machine is unbelievably fast! I'm glad he finally switched as his old PC was really annoying him. His youngest brother gets the old HP for now which is nice too (until he has the chance to switch too).
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    trumptmantrumptman Posts: 16,464member
    I went to this sale last night. I poked my head into the Apple section to see what they had on sale. There were some deals as mentioned on returned/open box items. All my store had though was a 15 inch iMac with Superdrive and a few eMacs. The eMacs were a decent deal I guess. They were the 700 mhz combo drive machines for like $809.

    One guy there asked about the 12 in Powerbook and they brought one from out back (They didn't have any on display) and I got to play with it a bit. They mentioned that they even had a superdrive equipped one back there. I was holding it in my hand and was almost overcome with pure techno-lust.

    If it were 1 ghz with backside cache, I would have been overcome. As it is I am still fixated on it quite a bit. It was fantastically well designed and I want one soon.

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