Weird PowerBook (15") fan behavior...

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I am hoping there is company on this issue (I really don't feel like hassling with Apple service and losing my computer for a while), but it seems that on some occassions, after I have been using my PB via the battery (mostly during classes for a day -- in and out of sleep, using it til it sleeps itself that evening) and then return to charge it via the AC adapter, that the unit becomes incredibly hot and the bigger fan kicks in and doesn't go off for in excess of half an hour.

It is scaring me -- I don't want a fan failure on this unit. The only other time this fan comes on (honestly) is during Photoshop work and Marine Aquarium (why I didn't buy it -- for a screen saver?).

Has anyone else experienced this prolonged fan power-up during a full recharge? Is this normal behavior? Plus, the hinge being lower on the left side and warping the frame kind of sucks, too (got a kit to fix it which should arrive soon). I'm beginning to wonder if the guy I got this from off eBay (for a pretty good price) had ulterior motives besides needing the money or else just wasn't very observant at all.


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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    same thing with mine... when charging it gets quite hot.

    which PB do you have? i got the 667 DVI (rev C) "refreshed" from an apple retail store on Jaguar Day(tm)
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    fred_ljfred_lj Posts: 607member
    The 867 DVI -- I had never seen this discussed so took it as a given, but it is quite eerie
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    Similar issues here. It also seems like there has been significantly more fan activity on my PowerBook (800Mhz) since installing 10.2.4
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    jcjc Posts: 342member
    Is your powerbook on a hard surface. if they are on a rug or cloth surface such as the couch they tend to want to fry. I got mine a lap bottem and it runs much cooler
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    fred_ljfred_lj Posts: 607member
    I have mine up on a Podium Coolpad, and in normal usage the fans run hardly at all. It's just this strange phenomenon with the charging cycle -- I'm nervous about the bigger vent fan running for such a long period. (and it's not every time that I charge, either, like I said, just particularly after the battery's been drained.)

    With this and the iBook battery plague that came with 10.2.4 (although my battery life has not been affected adversely at all), I wonder just what Apple did with the update to mess up power management so much.
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    jcjc Posts: 342member

    Originally posted by fred_lj

    I... like I said, just particularly after the battery's been drained.)...

    Hmmmmn, I think i know. When the battery is completely drained the battery has to charge for a long time. While a battery is being charged it gets very hot. so it stands that if the heat sesor is near the battery it would cause the fan to stay on until the battery has finished its charge and starts to cool down.
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