Need new Soundbar/Home Cinema - why its made me consider my Homepods

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I've long been a devotee of the Apple TV. I've had each generation since the 3rd and always been very pleased with it. A few years back I got a Samsung TV and then their HW-N950 Soundbar. I'd never buy Samsung again. The TV had to be replaced after a a couple of months while the soundbar has always acted up. It has been just over two years and repeat calls to tech support and one repair. Last night it have up the ghost and I'm sure it is a hardware issue with the Soundbar. But it is out fo warranty and neither John Lewis nor Samsung seem interested.

Anyway, I'm in the market for a new Soundbar. I want one that can do Atmos for my Apple TV 4K and Sky Q box (I'm in the UK). I liked that the HW-N950 had genuine rear speakers. Given I'd never buy Samsung again then the Sonos Arc or Sony HT-ST5000 sound good bets. However, neither of the rear speakers and to get all the Sonos bits to make 5.1 channels would be expensive.

I know there are rumours about Apple working on an Apple TV/Homepod hybrid. I suspect anything like that maybe someway off and too far to answer my current needs. However, it also made me more aware of the discontinuation of the regular Homepod. I have 4 and now a HomePod mini. With the last software update the HomePod really improved - handoff seems finally to work reliably. I actually find it better than with the mini, which either is constantly buzzing my phone to handoff or does nothing and means I have to use Airplay. The sound is great. That is why I ended up adding to my home set up. That Apple has discontinued it, rather than merely updating/replacing it, means that were they to release a Soundbar/Apple TV I don't know if I would buy one. It's not their core business, in the way it is for Sonos, so I'd be concerned I'd be investing in a niche product for them that may stop being supported down the line.

Recommendations for Soundbar/home cinema set ups appreciated. I'd love to believe Apple will make something worth having in this area. Even more, I'd like to believe they'd stick with the segment so I wouldn't worry it would be wrapped up down the line and I'd have a niche product.
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