FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! SuperDuper! V 3.5 (beta for now) functions as expected with Big Sur!

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This is a truly wonderful development:

As dedicated user of SuperDuper!, I've been hoping that Dave Nanian would come through. Well, he has! The only remaining issue I am having with OS 11.4 is that the eDrive for Tech Tool Pro can be created, but then does not show up on the list of bootable devices. But I am getting close to abandoning Tech Tool Pro, as for the critical functions it performs, Disk Utility can do it.

Note that it functions with both Intel and M1-based Macs. although for M1 Macs, one must use OS 11.4, which is the latest version of Big Sur (V11.5 is in beta testing now).

In any event, definitely a happy day!


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    Correction: meant to say Big Sur V11.3 with my testing, and issues with Tech Tool Pro. V 11.4 is currently in beta. As it is, this new version of SD will only work with Big Sur V11.4 (and of course with a number of versions of the Mac OS prior to Big Sur). Myself, this will spur me on to purchase M1 versions of the Mac Mini and Mac Book Air.
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    Just looked at Shirt Pocket's site, and Dave provided an update:

    Note that the requirement of OS 11.4 is for M1-based Macs only.

    Good to see he is making definitive progress. I am waiting for OS 11.4 to be released, and assuming it is just about bug free, I will attempt to sell my 2017 MacBook Air and my 2018 MacMini, and then purchase M1 versions of both of them. Hopefully all that will work out well for me.
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