Compared: Apple's second-generation Siri Remote versus its predecessors



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    Graeme000 said:
    I have also really loved the Siri remote and never had an issue with the touchpad. Scrolling through things quickly is so easy. And using Siri instead of typing something in, then using the touch to adjust it if necessary, really has never been a problem. So much easier than using buttons on a remote. 
    The version of Siri on the remote seems to be one of the better ones. It saves me a ton of time versus typing or (maximum form of torture) using the on-screen strip-of-letters text entry method. That thing is like one of those games they put on the tables at Cracker Barrel, you know, games that are not fun but tedious.

    I wish Siri search & queries worked as well on other platforms. The Siri turn by turn driving directions in Apple Car Play are pretty good and getting better all the time, but the search, command, and query stuff can be horribly bad. “Hey Siri, driving directions to home” should not trigger Siri to call my cellphone number. I got so frustrated with Siri query on my Apple Car Play the other day that I asked “Hey Siri, why are you so stupid?” Siri responded “That was mean.” I kind of felt bad. But compared to Alexa, Siri is in serious need of remedial education. The remote learning thing must not be going well for Siri.
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