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I didn’t see any prior posts so I decided to make one.

What are the chances of cloud gaming services being allowed into the App Store given the current state of things. 

I know the Microsoft X-cloud is being tested as a “web-app”.
 Although from personal experience, “Web-apps” aren’t the best on iOS safari.

From a outsiders point Of view, it seems like apple is strong against these types of service for one reason or another, though the reason given are shallow at best.

I would love to hear opinions on this topic,
or if my information is wrong, corrections.


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    mpantonempantone Posts: 2,024member
    As it currently stands, there is zero percent chance that a cloud gaming app will be allowed on the iOS App Store. Apple's stance is clearly evident and it manifests itself as the current Apple v. Epic litigation.

    As for macOS, the point is moot since Apple allows third-party apps to run on Macs. Nvidia GeForce NOW is one such cloud app that can be downloaded and installed on a Mac from Nvidia's servers, not through the Mac App Store.

    I'm sure all of these cloud gaming services will continue to improve performance in web browsers. At some point I expect they will be "good enough" for Joe Consumer although not the hardcore gaming types. That will probably be fine for Apple since their focus is on casual gaming (iOS, Apple Arcade, etc.). There are already a raft of browser-based gaming sites and services.

    Ten years from now, I expect cloud gaming to have a much larger presence. In fact, a certain class of devices (like videogame consoles) might be headed toward memory lane just like standalone MP3 players have been replaced by smartphones, smart watches, and smart speakers.

    The videogame industry already has seen physical media transition to digital downloads (like the music, movie, and TV industries). I fully expect streaming game services to take a larger role in the videogame industry in the upcoming years. Why put so much graphics performance/storage into a device when a frame buffer, and input interface and a good network connection is sufficient?

    Without a doubt services like Twitch, Facebook/Instagram, Amazon, YouTube, et al are probably trying to figure out how to offer a comprehensive videogame streaming and broadcast solution. Indie game studios likely need to partner with a larger service but the major players (Capcom, Epic, Blizzard, Riot, Rockstar, etc.) are all probably dabbling with in-house hosting.

    While Intel is pivoting away from the consumer space, it remains to see how committed Nvidia is to their Shield device. Nvidia is actively adding new games to GeForce NOW every week. For sure, streaming is not going away.
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