New Apple TV 4K supports high frame rate HDR in YouTube app

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A user has discovered that the YouTube app on the new Apple TV 4K already supports high frame rate HDR content playback.

Apple TV 4K will play 4K HDR content at 60Hz
Apple TV 4K will play 4K HDR content at 60Hz

The Apple TV 4K is now available to purchase, and one eagle-eyed customer noticed the YouTube app supports one of its headline features. Thanks to the A12 processor, the new Apple TV 4K can process high frame rate content in HDR without any limitations.

Previously, YouTube content viewed in HDR on the Apple TV would be limited to 30Hz. Surprisingly, YouTube already supports playback of 4K HDR content at 60Hz without an update.

I am apparently the only person on the internet who cares about this, but yes: The new Apple TV does [email protected] in HDR in the YouTube app.

-- Daniel Vydra (@stillhereiguess)

Users have also discovered that the Apple TV 4K can act as an audio receiver for the HomePod when connected through the ARC HDMI port. These new features alone may make the new set-top box a must-have upgrade over older models.

The new Apple TV 4K is available to buy for $179 with 32GB of storage. It comes with a new Siri Remote that has been redesigned with ergonomics and physical buttons in mind.

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    It definitely does not support HDR in the YouTube app. It doesn't activate HDR at all. 4K 60, but not HDR. If you are forcing HDR through the settings on the Apple TV it'll show as HDR on your TV, but it's not getting HDR metadata from YouTube. It's forced tone mapping.
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