DDR PS replacement successfull!

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I made the PS swap from the Apple program, a week ago, on my DDR dual 867 MHz. I have the new PS in my Mac now, and guess what ? It's now a silent machine ! All my noise problems appears to be solved ! And guess what ? I didn't paid a cent for that ! They changed the PS for free. I'll give some details later.



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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    Ok, here are some details, in case you really care.

    I brought a G4 dual 867 MHz back in september. It was a NOISY machine. I asked Apple for a case number and I returned the machine to the store, last december. They changed the PS for a similar model. After that first replacement, the machine was less noisier, but still a bit annoying. Unfortunately, there was a new sound problem with my external speakers. The speakers were now making a very annoying interference like noise. So naturally I returned the machine to the shop, three weeks ago. I asked for the Apple's PS exchange program, so to have a new PS model in the machine.

    The guys at that shop asked me for an Apple case number and a "CS code". I don't know what it is. So I called Apple and asked gently to have a CS code, with my last case number. The Apple rep gave me the CS code, and I returned to the store. There was some confusion at start, in the store, with the cost of the operation. Should I pay or not ? Finally, because I had a case number and a CS code, they agreed I shouldn't pay at all.

    My machine stayed about two weeks in the shop, since there was a short supply of new PS. It arrived few days after the 10 march, and I received my "new" machine only four days ago.

    I was pleased to hear no loud or annoying noise from the machine, and the speakers noise is completely gone. In fact, THE MACHINE IS NOW AS SILENT AS MY OLD MAC IIci ! Of course, I can hear it running, but it's making now a perfectly "normal" sound. To me, the problem appears to be solved. And take notice : I live in a very quiet house with a single large room (a loft, actually), with a floor made of hard, polished, wood. No carpets. The Mac is sitting under the desk, at the floor level, directly on the wood.

    I now have the feeling that my dual 867 MHz is a great machine.

    Thank you Apple, I now love my machine !
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    man, that is a nice story for a change
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    frank_tfrank_t Posts: 428member
    Hey do you think you can post some pics of the new PS?

    Good to hear it's better.....hope things inside there stay cool and not get hotter as they make less noise...

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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    Sorry, I can't send any pictures, because I don't have a digital camera. I can check for any numbers on the PS, if you want.

    The new PS looks very similar to the old one. There's a yellow sticker on it, which I didn't have on the old one (I'm not sure, actually). I can't see any differences, except about the noise, which is very different.

    I suspect they didn't changed the main fan, the big one in front of the CPU's. It looks too similar to me. Fortunately, it was never a concern to me because it never goes to the blower state. This summer, however, .... fingers crossed
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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    About the new PS, go to this site. It's very well done.

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