A friend needs iMovie 2 for OS 9, anyone have it?

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Apple has, as usual, put Windows support ahead of OS 9 support... long story short, a friend of mine needs iMovie 2 for OS 9 and he can't find it anywhere on Apple's site or anywhere else. Does anyone have it or maybe a link to where I could get it? Thanks.


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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    I think iMovie2 was OS X only IIRC.
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    nebagakidnebagakid Posts: 2,692member

    This is a little known fact, but the classic verison of iMove is HIDDEN IN THE CURRENT iMOVIE Mac OS X package! , so you can find it there!
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    nanonano Posts: 179member

    Originally posted by Nebagakid


    This is a little known fact, but the classic verison of iMove is HIDDEN IN THE CURRENT iMOVIE Mac OS X package! , so you can find it there!

    He's right
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    nanonano Posts: 179member
    Your friend needs 10.2 if he is that broke ill buy it for him
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Actually it's not a friend, it's my brother. I thought he was getting it for a friend but he actually needs it because for some reason, iMovie 3 can't import movies on his computer (a Blue & White G3 w/ a G4 upgrade). He has to use our dad's TiBook to import the movie, then he can edit it with iMovie 3. But he doesn't want to always borrow the TiBook to import the movies, so he wanted to install the Classic version in order to successfully import the movies for editing in OS X.

    He's got 10.2, that's not the problem.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip. It is indeed there. Funny that they hide it inside the package contents... very strange. Why not just make the OS 9 version available as a separate download? Because they don't want people to be out of date or something? It reminds me of the one month period between the announcement of iPhoto 2 and the release... no one was allowed to download iPhoto 1 but 2 wasn't available yet.

    EDIT: Dang! He removed it from the package contents and put it in his Applications (OS 9) folder, and tried running it while booted into OS 9... and it doesn't work. Is there some extra step he's missing?

    ANOTHER EDIT: He says that according to Apple's knowledge database, iMovie for OS 9 went up to version 2.0.3. This one doesn't have a version number though, and it's a "very bare app." Strange... I wonder if it's some sort of stripped-down version intended only for token compatability with older systems but never really intended for real work?
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Hmm, I can see the 2.1.1 updater as well, and I've got a copy of that on an old backup CD here which I made just before installing Jag, so I presume I was using that under 9.

    Is is worth downloading all the updaters and running them over the version you've got to see if that makes any difference? I can't remember (and don't have an OS 9 system I can look at readily), but I seem to recall there are some extensions and Application Support items that iMovie requires as well..
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