The future of the Apple Silicon based Mac Pro

in Future Apple Hardware
High-end workstations like HP Z8 G4 and Z6 G4 uses dual Xeons "Xeon Scalable processors". I hope Apple will follow the same trend, but it could increase the latency a little bit. When you think of the idea, there are dual AMD EPYC systems out there. AMD EPYC uses eight chiplets which are called CCX each one of them features an eight-core design, we have up to 16 CCX in a two-socket configuration, and they communicate over 128 PCIe lanes. Workstations need to be modular with expansions. They should allow you to add ram sticks graphics card SAS/SATA storage NVMe storage, this is a pro workstation product. Apple should use ECC memory in this thing. I hope they have two solutions, one with a single socket "Mac Pro Mini" for prosumers-enthusiasts with a reasonable base price and a True full tower "Mac Pro" for Pros.
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