New colors for AirTag Leather Key Ring, Leather Loop now available

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The AirTag Leather Key Ring and Leather Loop accessories are now available to purchase in Forest Green and California Poppy.

Apple Leather AirTag accessories in Forest Green and California Poppy
Apple Leather AirTag accessories in Forest Green and California Poppy

In a small product push on Tuesday, Apple introduced two new colors for its leather AirTag accessories. The Leather Loop and Leather Key Ring can both be configured with California Poppy and Forest Green colors at checkout.

The AirTag requires cases to be attached to bags or other objects due to it not having any attachment device built in. The Key Ring is exactly what it sounds like, a storage place for keys and the AirTag itself.

The Leather Loop is a long strap attached to an AirTag case. It is suitable for luggage or other bags for a brightly colored display.

The new colors are available on the Apple Store immediately with shipping times as early as Thursday for some locations. Apple Store pickup is not available on Tuesday.

The AirTag Leather Key Ring is $35. The AirTag Leather Loop is $39.

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    MplsPMplsP Posts: 3,714member
    ...and Green Bay Packers fans rejoiced!
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,460member
    Cool. Now can we get Amethyst or Deep Violet watch bands one of these days?
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    Hunter13Hunter13 Posts: 14member
    I’m really bummed they don’t name these in black. 

    Brown looks great, but I prefer black and really hope they release it in that color one day. 
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