iPod's can suck it, battery problems

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Alright, so I plug my ipod into the charger, leave it for several hours, go out, come back home, and unplug it from the charger. Put earphones on, hit play.

iPod: Your Battery is Low

Argh, I should have never installed that recent iPod update, I finally got it working like I wanted it (by resetting the ipod each time after disconnecting so the clock never sets, this way the ipod has a lot of charge even after two weeks). But nooo I decided to update it, because I heard it fixed battery problems.

Though in this new update I did notice that you can reset the iPod without a firewire cable connected to it, which I thought was interesting. Maybe resetting the iPod while it is charging will reset the battery? Does anyone know? Any comments?


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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    Hmm, after 15 mins of being plugged into my ibook, the battery is up to 4/4 bars... maybe this is just weirdness or something. Oh well.
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    woah... how are you resetting your ipod?

    have you tried holding play and menu for 10 secs?

    this sounds odd... what kind of i pod do you have? is it under warranty?
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    oops wrong bit
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    also, turning off the reminder function (and something else i can't remember right now) really helps with battery life.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Apple just released a software update to fix that prob.
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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    This is using the latest firmware (as I mentioned) on a original 10GB iPod.

    I reset it using the play+menu hold, and now it seems this works when the firewire cable is not plugged in, so you can rescue iPods that crash and do not have a firewire cable near by.

    If the clock is not set (by resetting it) the iPod's battery lasts MUCH longer, since the iPod's cpu has to take care of the clock because there is no time controller (and it uses more power this way).

    I suppose you shouldn't reset the iPod when it is plugged in, maybe this causes problems for it (this is what I did previously to reset the clock, but now you can reset it any time).
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member

    Originally posted by chych

    (..) I suppose you shouldn't reset the iPod when it is plugged in, maybe this causes problems for it (..)

    you always could. even with the original firmware.
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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    Hmm I just tried this again and encountered the same battery not charging problem. I'm led to believe that my stand alone charger simply is not working, even though the iPod says it's charging and I can play music while it is plugged in. It does seem to be charging off the iBook though...

    So, am I the only one with this problem? Or I wonder if the polarity matters for the charger...
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