Suggestions for a semi-compact TV

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I'm thinking of ditching my PC and using the money to buy an XBox, Halo and a TV. The only thing is, I can't find a good TV. I want something larger than those tiny little 13" jobs, but not so huge as the next largest size in my price range, 20". A 17" would be perfect... but I can't find any! Maybe I'll just have to settle for a 13"... they aren't TOO bad but for Halo, I'd want something a bit bigger, especially for multiplayer.

Anyway, I'm pretty well addicted to Halo my brother has an XBox but I don't get to play TOO often as I live in a dorm and I only get to play when I visit home. Since I don't use this PC for anything other than games anyway, I may as well ditch it and get a system that'll run Halo which is what I really want in the first place anyway.

So... maybe should I just look for a used TV? It would definitely be cheaper. I don't know really what to look for, I've never bought a TV before.
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