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I own an Imac 700 with CD-R drive but have no DVD capabilites.

I was wondering if I might be able to "copy " DVD's to my hard-drive then translate them into V-CD format & later burn them to Disk using my inbuilt CD-R to make them V-CD format viewable on my Imac.

I have VCD reading software that I downloaded for Mac Running OS-9-2


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    A computer without a DVD drive cannot read DVD discs. And just because a computer has a DVD drive doesn't necessarily mean it can play DVD movies

    Just remember this - the device that actually reads the data on a DVD disk (whether that data is backed up files, software, or a movie) is the drive itself. The device that allows DVD movie playback is either a hardware or software DVD decoder. So unfortunately, you can't just read DVDs for copying to CDs with a CD-R drive.
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    You can back up your DVDs to SVCDs, for example. You can get decent quality with with 2 SVCDs from one DVD. (SVCD => MPEG2, VCD => MPEG1). Look for an app like "forty-two" to help you do this. (Warning: this takes hours to convert a DVD to SVCD using this method.)

    You can view the SVCDs using VideoLan client (www.videolan.org), which is free. However, this struggles on my iBook. I tried MacVCD, which requires Apples MPEG2 quicktime component (both cost $$), and this is pretty useable.

    Is you iMac's CD-R a combo drive? Can it read DVDs? If so, then maybe this is a possible solution for you.

    Try www.dvdrhelp.com for most info on this topic.

    Sorry—I was too lazy to supply actual links to all these item.
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