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A few weeks ago there was lots of talk in the macworld that there was going to be new iPods out...with "this and that".....well...no more talk...are they out and i missed them? What happend? I would like to get a 20GB one at the 10GB price point but so far nothing....only thing that has to do with the ipod these past few weeks is the software update that fixed the battery bug.....anyone have any ideas as to when new iPods will be poping out?



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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    Dunno, but I saw an article from one of these tech shows that had a v.nice mp3 player with a few features that would be nice.

    1.) FM radio, just for when I am down the gym, I can tune it to get the sound from the TV screens.

    2.) FM transmitter, So I can listen in the car.... any car!

    All this colour screen stuff that was going on a while back... bah to it!!! I just wanna play my tunes and shove the thing in my pocket. What do I need a colour screen for? (not to go digging up old threads or anything )
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    Apple has not announced anything, but many publications revealed that they are working on a download music service with the major labels. Files would be downloadable for a fee and in the Mpeg 4 format. It looks like all this is supposed to come together with upgraded iPods next month. But, alas, these are only rumors.
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    frank_tfrank_t Posts: 428member
    Well how long has it been since the last updates? isn't it 8 months?

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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    bigger drives dont really count. Apple can just shove them in as fast as tosh can make em.

    The actual functionality doesnt change.
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    frank_tfrank_t Posts: 428member
    FM transmitter would make it sooo cool....go anywhere and put on the radio and you got 4000 of the best songs you like

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